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Page history last edited by polonium 6 years, 5 months ago

 Periodic Network




If someone ticks me off its going to be Hiroshima all over again . . .

Status update:

10/9- Hanging with my home skillet Marie Curie.

10/10- Chilling with uranium.

10/11- I am being put in a nuclear bomb trigger, FUN TIMES!!

11/4- Sitting alone, in a dark corner. . . . forever alone :'(

11/5- I'm not always by myself you know. I have proof, i have a balanced equation going on, with Mercury, together we create something called Mercury Polonide! Don't believe me? Well, here you go ===> HgPo


My properties are the BOMBDIGGITY!! I am like superman, but without the weaknesses! (of course) I am one macho element I can melt and boil, see even my physical properties are AMAZING, like me. I am so beautiful even dust is attracted to me, thats why moms love me ladies ;). I'm also pretty dense y'all.



Relationship Status: 

single *sigh*

Primary Relationship: 

single, but i do react with other chemicals like off the top of my head i could name some other elements; hydrogen, sodium, lithium, calcium ect.



valence electrons:


reactivity: VERY REACTIVE!, i react with bromine and iodine
state of matter:  solid 
Location on Periodic Table: group:16  period:6 




Poland and I was discovered by Marie Curie


"Poisoned by Polonium" 

Activities & Interests:

I destroy (or damage) cells inside of peoples bodies. I also like being the trigger for nuclear weapons, its kinda a pastime. There are 6 types of reactions, they include; synthesis, combustion, dissociation, decomposition, single replacement & double replacement. I happen to have reactions in some of these different and do not in others.



10/9/13~I'm going steady with uranium, because i grew up in a uranium ore!!

10'28/13~Chilling in my chateau in France (even though my home country is Poland). My home skillet Marie Curie is Polish.( Polish; thats a funny words) 

10/31/13~I am on the planet earths crust! I'm out of this world! Or rather I am IN this world!! Hardy har har

11/5~ I am in a chemical equation (that is what we elements call the "friend zone" for all you homo sapiens) with Hydrogen right now chilling at his place together we create a pretty awesome combination called Polonium Hydride===> PoH2






 Atom and Bonding Diagrams
















Electron Dot

I have 6 valence electrons.

This is a diagram that shows how I enter the body and where I harm the body with my radioactivity




 Me and my friends - Around the World












This is me chilling in my spark plug! Let's just say I'm quite the sparker!

Cigarettes aren't my favorite things, but sadly I am located in them . . .

I also spend a lot of time with my friends in this deadly device, and atomic bomb trigger. In this awesome pic is Beryllium, Uranium, and Plutonium!!!

This is me in a compound with Chlorine! Its called polonium dichloride! 

This is me with Radium we were both discovered by Marie Curie.  







~Group 16





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Oxygen  Sulfur  Selenium  Tellurium  



Periodic Network






Comments (2)

Mrs. Lloyd said

at 9:59 am on Oct 29, 2013

Hello Po, Sorry for the late arrival. Tell me, how did you contribute to the demise of Marie Curie?

polonium said

at 7:22 pm on Nov 5, 2013

Sadly, I did take a big part in the demise of Marie Curie. I am a radioactive element, since Marie Curie spent so much time with me she was for a very long time exposed to me. My radioactivity rubbed off on her, eventually diagnosing her with Aplastic Anemia. Aplastic anemia is a disease in which the bone marrow and the blood stem cells are damaged, I gave Marie Curie this terrible sickness that in time took her life, I am greatly saddened for this act I have done.

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