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Xenon walks into a juicebar and the juicebar tender said that he doesn't serve his kind and... xenon didn't react. 

Status update:

10/9-  I'm unstable right now:(!!

10/9- Guys I'm so colorless and heavy I don't know what to do with my half life.

10/9- I just got dumped by fluorine! I thought we were going to be Xe-F forever.

25/10- Feeling a little stable because oxygen balanced out my chemical equation!    


Hey guys my atomic mass is 131.3.My atomic mass is 54. My density is 5.9*10-3g.cm-3 and 20 c not that it is any of your buisness.

ACTIVITIES AND INTEREST-  I am a rare gas in the atmosphere. I am also nontoxic. So when it is -224 degress celsius I can freeze organisms on contact.  PLACES- I am a part of this equation Xe(s) + 2F2(g) → XeF4(s)

       I am found in headlights, I am found in the atmosphere and I can be found in lamps( 1898) 




Relationship Status: I am forever alone because I am a noble gas.

reading bond 

Primary Relationship: 


network:  I am a nonmetal


valence electrons: I have 8 valence electrons.


reactivity: Not very reactive I only react with fluorine.  
state of matter:  I am a colorless gas in nature.  
Location on Periodic Table: I am on period 18 and I am in group 18.  

Birthday: I was born in the 1898s


Hometown: I was founded in London by Sr. William Ramsay.


Movies:  The adventures of Miss.Xenon




Create 2 photo albums:

  • atom and bonding diagrams - these will be done in class and will take time
  • fun images - pictures that contain the element

 every photo must have a caption 

- tag other elements in the pictures



 Atom and Bonding Diagrams











P 54




Electron Dot

One additional diagram




 Me and my friends - Around the World
















These are me and my homies just hanging out in group18 with:Radon Neon Krypton Argon and Helium

this is me and my bffl Iodine bonding at a sleepover. 

me and Fluorine bonding  :)!!!

me and Neon are competing to see who serves as the best headlights.

These are me and my bffls Argon Helium Neon Krypton and Radon when we became the NBs "Noble Gases" 





group 18

Noble gas








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add your friends here - make sure you link it and insert their profile pictures    




  Helium  Neon Argon      Krypton 


Periodic Network




Comments (7)

xenon said

at 3:12 pm on Oct 25, 2013

Ok guys who knows who I react to?

xenon said

at 3:13 pm on Oct 25, 2013

Ok another question.. what groups am i classified in??

Andrew Conant said

at 8:41 pm on Oct 28, 2013

Why is your gas so toxic? Where else can I find you besides in lamps and photography?

xenon said

at 7:15 pm on Nov 4, 2013

My gas is highly toxic because of some of it's compounds. I am used for making electron tubes.

krypton said

at 7:28 pm on Nov 4, 2013

Oh my gosh finally someone who knows about being so unreactive... it sucks.
The curse of the Noble Gases...

xenon said

at 7:59 pm on Nov 7, 2013

Hi five:)

xenon said

at 8:32 pm on Nov 7, 2013

Some xenon gases are made by neutron irradiation in air cooled nuclear reactors.

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