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 Periodic Network




You swallowed me? I guess now you'll get an atomic ache. 

Status update:

10/9 So tired, been blowing up too much.

10/11 I'm radioactive radioactive

10/11 Iodine tried to get with me today, and I was like me no want to esplode


I am the heaviest element that has been discovered

I am shiny, ductile, and malleable




Relationship Status: 

reading bond 

Primary Relationship: 


I am a very heavy metal


I have 2 valence electrons


 I am very reactive with iodine, please keep me away from her.
I become a solid metal at room temperature  
Im one of the Actinides so I'm found at the very last row on the Periodic Table.  

I was born in 1789


I'm from the mineral, pitchblende, and Marin Kaplroth is my daddy


The movie Uranium Conspiracy is named after me


Activities & Interests:

I go into weapons and explode because apparentely I have a lot concentrated energy

I help people find where to go because I am used in compasses.

I am also used for inertial guidance devices. No big deal.



If you want to see me you can find me in in soil, rocks, and water

But I'm usually  in phosphate rocks, monozite sands, or lignite. 

I am in the minerals of pitchblende, carnotite, uranophane, autunite, and tobernite 


Create 2 photo albums:

  • atom and bonding diagrams - these will be done in class and will take time
  • fun images - pictures that contain the element

 every photo must have a caption 

- tag other elements in the pictures



 Atom and Bonding Diagrams















Electron Dot

One additional diagram




 Me and my friends - Around the World






  Advocates of thorium to power nuclear plants say that the element is safer than uranium, and that its waste cannot -- like the plutonium waste of uranium fission -- be re-formulated for nuclear weapons. Thorium plants, they say, also wouldn't need containment domes like those pictured here because the reactors can't "melt down" and release radiation. (iStock)


   For perfect nano-crystals just add water



Thorium and I takin a trip to the ozone layer.

Chillin with Plutonium and Radium. We da Bomb!

Gettin with Cerium for a partaay.

Neodymium and I are the new stars!!

Doin some sciencey math stuff. I feel so smart




I am part of the Actinides





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Check out my best friends.

Thorium                                                        Plutonium                                                             Cerium










Periodic Network





Comments (10)

phosphorus said

at 2:08 pm on Oct 25, 2013

Woah, dude. . .take a chill pill. You are overreacting!!! What are some elements that you don't react with. . . . if there are any?

uranium said

at 3:15 pm on Oct 25, 2013

Well I would never react with oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and basically dry air. Ewwww

technetium said

at 3:04 pm on Oct 25, 2013

Are you as radioactive as me? Do you have more or less than 7 valence electrons? >_<

uranium said

at 3:19 pm on Oct 25, 2013

Sorry technetium, your not more reactive then me good try though, but i do have 7 valence electrons

technetium said

at 3:21 pm on Oct 25, 2013

how much do you weigh for every cubic inch?

uranium said

at 2:59 pm on Oct 29, 2013

I weigh 11.041 ounces per cubic inch

vanadium said

at 3:22 pm on Oct 25, 2013

Hey uranium, can you name a few of the elements you do react with? I would like to pay them a visit.

uranium said

at 3:27 pm on Oct 25, 2013

Well I react the most with iodine, but I can also react with water, plutonium, and other metals.

Andrew Conant said

at 8:28 pm on Oct 28, 2013

How many stable isotopes of you are there? And what else can you be used in besides bombs?

uranium said

at 2:56 pm on Oct 29, 2013

Mr. Conant I actually have 0 stable isotopes out of 16. I can be used in compasses, rockets, and other inertial guidance devices.

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