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 Periodic Network




- Abundunt, bright, super nice put the test I'm one of the best.... Magnesium


Status update:

10/09 - Ouch, someone just walked on me. Watch where you are going. 

10/09 - Do not toss me in the trash.. I'm way too good for that. Recycle! 

10/10 - Boom.. The crowd goes wild! I love being part of a firework.

10/11 - 5,4,3,2,1.....Blast Off!

10/17 - Got to eat your fruits and nuts.(I'm in then)#Important#Cool#Awesome#Eat

10/29 - Being forever alone, is not my thing. I won't be single for long. Dare to like me. #Bold  

11/4 - Combined, I'm the same. No one can change my matter. It remains the same forever. #LofCMRules

11/4 - I have learned to live the single life. No one wants me.... #Tear #JustAsElligible

11/4 - By balancing chemical equations, we can like totally be equal. It is the most correct way when dealing with unequal equations.

#Feeling equal 


I'm solid at room temperature( What do you expect, I'm a metal.)

I'm a silvery white metal.

I'm the eight most abundant element in the Earth's crust. #Jealous Much....

I'm not found in nature as a pure substance. 

I am found in certain stars.

My atomic number is 12( that is also my lucky number). 







Relationship Status: 

reading bond (All I'll ever be ):(

Primary Relationship: 

Single  I have chosen the bachelor life. #Single 4 ever 



valence electrons:


reactivity: I hate being reactive. I'm forced to discolor or corrode.#Hate oxidation
state of matter:  solid 
Location on Periodic Table: Group 2, Period 3  




Sir Humphrey David England 


Star Trek: Into Darkness(Hey I'm in it..)#GoStars

Activities & Interests:

I enjoy exploding especially on Independence Day.  I spend most of my time being walked on. My favorite song is "Firework."

I'm pretty good at creating flames, and I'm social. I like spacecrafts and am fond of making their parts.  I love all canned drinks.

I'd love to react, but I guess no one wants an old man like me... Anyway, reacting is something I like to do. It's amazing to see all the benefits from  reaction. I can help scientists or make a tasty snack considering I am part of the most reactive group of elements. I can bond with many elements all across the table. 



10/09 - Hanging out in outer space, part of a giant rocket. 

10/10 - Staying cool in a soda machine. I am not coming out. 

 10/10 - Feeling hot.. Being melted in a automobile factory. #Sizzle

  11/4 - Check In hanging out in a chemical equation with oxygen. 2 Mg + O2rtarrow.gif (850 bytes) 2 MgO #Oxidation 


Create 2 photo albums:

  • atom and bonding diagrams - these will be done in class and will take time
  • fun images - pictures that contain the element

 every photo must have a caption 

- tag other elements in the pictures



 Atom and Bonding Diagrams














A self - portrait


Electron Dot Diagram


Me and Oxygen MgO 




 Me and my friends - Around the World











Me and my buddy Calcium chilling

at a Britain Cheese Fest.


My best friend Stontium and me chilling in Australian gulf believe  it or not these fish help us maintain our quantity.(coral)

Me and my good friend Barium

in an apple orchard inside

an apple; Rumor has we're good for keeping teeth clean. 

My amigo Beryllium and me chilling  in the night sky. We both are used to create that stunning white. #Coolest

Me and me... I am hanging out in a banana.





I am a fan of Metals.

I am also a fan of the most reactive metals.

I am also a fan of Group 2 and Period 3.

I am a fan of the Alkaline Earth Metals. 




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Periodic Network





Comments (16)

Mrs. Ogan said

at 1:30 pm on Oct 24, 2013

What is the most damage you have done and with what other element helped you cause the damage?

magnesium said

at 7:45 pm on Nov 4, 2013

I have done damage with many elements. No one element can be named. I have done damage with Calcium as we are both found in variety of medicines, and everyone knows drug abuse and overdose is bad. I am found with Aluminium in soda can, and many times people carelessly leave us around...pollution. I am found with strontium in fireworks which release a lot of smoke.#EvenMorePollution I may be good, but not always. :)

Mrs. Ogan said

at 1:30 pm on Oct 24, 2013

What makes up your silverfish white color?

magnesium said

at 10:43 pm on Nov 2, 2013

One reason is because I absorb no colors and reflects me giving my white hue. I am a metal so I am shiny resulting in my silver hue. I am hard and have lust. Meaning, I can reflect light from my surface. It am also opaque; I cannot let light pass through me.

Mrs. Ogan said

at 1:31 pm on Oct 24, 2013

What happens if you are consumed by a small child?

magnesium said

at 10:04 am on Oct 29, 2013

If consumed in the form of food, the child should be fine. However, if the child consumes too much, he or she may have problems like diarrhea and stomach cramps.
In too large quantities, it maybe toxic. If consumed raw, children have been known to relax, and Magnesium is used as a treatment for hyper kids. Too much, can
be fatal, and vomiting and stomach cramps are common.

magnesium said

at 6:33 pm on Oct 29, 2013

I am awesome just don't eat too much hey too much of anything is bad.....

magnesium said

at 7:36 pm on Nov 4, 2013

If I'm consumed in the form of food, the child should be fine. However, if the child consumes too much of me, he or she may have problems like diarrhea and stomach cramps.
In too large quantities, I maybe toxic. If consumed raw, children have been known to relax, and I am used as a treatment for hyper kids. Too much of me, can
be fatal, and vomiting and stomach cramps are common.

sulfur said

at 3:04 pm on Oct 25, 2013

If we work together, we can make Magnesium Sulfide and help those smart scientists!!! Isn't that cool?!

magnesium said

at 5:56 pm on Oct 29, 2013

Maybe.. But I need some convincing

astatine said

at 8:11 pm on Nov 3, 2013

Think about the fun possibilities we could create together: magnesium astatide!!! Respond quick though - I live a short and mysterious life!

magnesium said

at 8:14 pm on Nov 4, 2013

Sorry, but that does not sound fun....!!!!!!

aluminum said

at 6:09 pm on Nov 4, 2013

GUESS WHAT! You and I make KITCHEN UTENSILS!....yup, no way to make that sound cool...but we could still work!

magnesium said

at 8:14 pm on Nov 4, 2013

Aren't you taken...#PotentialPlayer

magnesium said

at 7:50 pm on Nov 4, 2013

I am forced to stand alone. However, this does not mean, I'm not eligible. I can bond with a variety of elements. It's okay. I like being alone, yet I am free, so.. If you're ready, I will be yours. I am sad :( If I want to, I can form a Covalent bond and share a valence electron.

magnesium said

at 11:33 pm on Nov 4, 2013

I can also join to form an ionic bond. Too bad I'm single....

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