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Page history last edited by lithium 6 years, 5 months ago

 Periodic Network




"Would I Li to you?" 


Status update:


 Just got out of the charger room. 




 Ugh! The wind totally messed up my hair today as I was used to grease a bicycle's wheel. 

Feeling like a MESS



OMG i apparently have detention just because i got into a real cat fight with Oxygen!! she is so reactive due to her short temper.. 




Just asked out Hydrogen... and she totally thinks I'm her type! :'D Can't wait for this weekend for our date!! 




I feel normal and calm after the chemical reaction due to the Law of Conservation of Mass..

Feeling NORMAL



Hey everyone! I'm the lightest solid metal there is. (all the other metals are jealous..) I have a soft texture and silvery-white color. I have a low melting point, so don't mess with my temper! I'm very reactive with air and water, so you might wanna keep me away from hydrogen and oxygen. I conduct heat and electric current well. I am flammable as well, so watch me burn up into fierce red and orange colors. 



Relationship Status: 

Ionic Bond 

Primary Relationship: 

In a relationship with the one and only Hydrogen



valence electrons:


reactivity: highly reactive 
state of matter:  Soild 
Location on Periodic Table:

Group 1

Period 1 





Discovered by Johan August Arfvedson. 


The Lithium Conspiracy

Lithium Springs 

Activities & Interests:

I love working at the electronics store because I feel so useful as batteries! Everyone is always taking me in small packages home with them to put into their fancy electronics. I just love seeing the joy on people's faces! 

I just love bonding and reacting with other elements! Here are some other elements I react with:

with Oxygen (Lithium Oxide)- 4Li + O2--> 2Li2O

 with Nitrogen (Lithium Nitride)- 6Li + N2--> 2Li3N

with Fluorine (Lithium Fluoride)- 2Li + F2--> 2LiF

These are all synthesis reactions.


10/10- Bolivia's underground mine - it's pretty dark down here... 

10/12- Western Lithium's Nevada deposit - just hanging out with my friends

11/9- Geothermal Brines (Old Faithful Geyser) - HOT HOT HOT!

12/24- Target- Hanging out on the racks of the battery section! Hopefully I'm bought today as a Christmas gift! 

1/10- Chlorine and I hung out today! We found out we can make Lithium Chloride. Our balanced equation looks like this:

Cl2 + 2Li--> 2LiCl


Create 2 photo albums:

  • atom and bonding diagrams - these will be done in class and will take time
  • fun images - pictures that contain the element

 every photo must have a caption 

- tag other elements in the pictures



 Atom and Bonding Diagrams















Electron Dot

Lithium Periodic Table Square




 Me and my friends - Around the World










Hanging around with my gurlfrands at the battery center #gurlsniteout 

I just love powering up one of the nation's most popular phones, the iPhone! 

Doing my regular job of helping humans overcome their mood disorders! #bipolar #cure



Got into a real reactive and feisty fight with water and its friends Hydrogen and Oxygen...

I helped make this 

beautiful bowl! #ceramics  




The Alkali Metal Group (Group 1, Period 1)

 The Metal Group 


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Periodic Network





Comments (14)

Mrs. Ogan said

at 1:28 pm on Oct 24, 2013

Why do you die on me and how I can I ensure you live as long as possible???

lithium said

at 10:16 am on Oct 29, 2013

When I'm in my battery form, I contain two important components known as an anode, the positively charged conductor in which the electrons leave a device, and a cathode, the negatively charged conductor in which electrons enter a device. I die on you because when I'm being used up, the ions are forced to flow from the cathode to the anode and over time, the cathode wears out, and electrons can't flow into the battery anymore. There are many ways and tips to ensure I can live as long as possible. Some ways to make sure I can live as long as possible are to avoid putting me in extreme temperatures/environments, to use the energy-saving settings on your electronics, and to treat your electronic device gently.

Mrs. Ogan said

at 1:29 pm on Oct 24, 2013

Are you dangerous to people or small children?

lithium said

at 9:48 am on Oct 29, 2013

I am dangerous to people or small children, mainly dangerous to adults. People with bipolar disorder take me as lithium pills, but I can cause lithium overdose which leads to acute or chronic toxicity. Some of the harmful symptoms I cause are dizziness, coma, hand tremors, stomach pain, uncontrollable eye movement, and many others as well.

Mrs. Ogan said

at 1:29 pm on Oct 24, 2013

What is the most damage you have done and with what other element helped you cause the damage?

lithium said

at 6:39 pm on Nov 3, 2013

The most damage I have done is that I can cause parathyroid disease if people take too much of me. People with bipolar disorder are more at risk because they take many pills of me, known as lithium pills,to treat their disorder. Another element that has helped me cause the damage is Calcium. Calcium is very significant in people's bodies, and parathyroid glands help regulate the levels of it. However, when there is a noticeably high level of calcium in the person's body, then he or she most likely has parathyroid disease.

hydrogen said

at 9:38 pm on Oct 29, 2013

Did you know that we're the lightest elements in Group 1 of the Periodic Table? We'll be flying through the skies if we become Lithium Hydride :3

lithium said

at 10:41 pm on Nov 2, 2013

Ooh! Sounds awesome to me! we should totes hang out sometime! :D

molybdenum said

at 6:36 pm on Nov 4, 2013

u react so well #jealous

lithium said

at 8:38 pm on Nov 4, 2013

why thank you!

fluorine said

at 8:42 pm on Nov 4, 2013

Why are you always dying on me!!!!

lithium said

at 8:46 pm on Nov 4, 2013

Sorry! :( When I'm being used up, ions are being forced out of me.. Over time, electrons can't flow into me anymore; therefore, I die.

lithium said

at 9:41 pm on Nov 4, 2013

I am in a relationship with Hydrogen because together we make Lithium Hydride!

hydrogen said

at 10:52 pm on Nov 4, 2013


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